Dont Get Angry!


A sober-minded man said to Jesus (Allah bless him),

“What in this existence is hardest to bear?”

“Oh dear soul,” he replied, “the hardest is God’s anger,

from which Hell is trembling as we are.”

“And what is the protection against God’s anger?”

Said Jesus (Allah bless him), “To abandon your own anger at once.”

(Maulana Rumi in his Mathnawi)


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5 responses to “Dont Get Angry!

  1. Danya

    may I ask why Jesus was used in this? Is there a backing for this dialogue or did Rumi create it? Need there be a source for such a dialogue?

  2. Danya

    edit: Jesus, may Allah bless him.

  3. Often, these stories would have been popularly transmitted–often from the People of the Book; sometimes, from their textual sources. They are not take to be actual quotes, but “points to ponder.”

  4. Salam, That was moving. jaza khair bro, it’ll really help.

  5. Danya

    jazakum Allahu khair 🙂

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