From The “Beatnik Sufis”: Deja Vu!

Dedicated to: Amir (mujahideenryder), Naveed, Mohsin and Imran (and myself included!)

“We’re going to be serious.”

“We’re going to be serious?”



“No more messing about.”

“Uh, okay.”

“No more late-nights.”

“No more messing about until FOUR in the morning.”

“Let’s talk about serious stuff.”

“You first.”


“Er, does this mean we can’t talk about mud-wrestling in Wales.”

“We shouldn’t really.”

“Or about your Levi’s advert routine in the laundry of the campsite after the mud-wrestling.”


“Or about the group of women who came into the laundry to wash their dishes while you were standing there in your fluffy thermal long-johns, waiting for your clothes to dry, and you casually made conversation as if NOTHING was unusual, as if you weren’t JUST wearing fluffy thermal long-johns.”


“Or about Harley accidentally being covered in sheep dung during the mud-wrestling.”

“Well…I guess not.”

“So what should we talk about?”

“Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.”

“Far out.”

“Or, more precisely, a discussion on Carol Harrison’s De Doctrina Christiana in the present issue [87 (2006)] of the journal New Blackfriars.”

“Is it far out?”


“So what does she say?”

“She outlines Augustine’s thought in his De Doctrina Christiana and its relevance for us today.”

“When did he write?”

“Early fifth century, pre-Islam.”

“And what does this have to do with us?”

“Well, Augustine lived in a pagan society, and, before his conversion to Christianity, he had enjoyed the very best of the Roman education system. An accomplished public speaker, rhetorician, and politically adept, Augustine had the ear of the Emperor; his education was totally alien to Christianity, but he put his pagan education to the service of Christianity, and detailed how others might too.”

“So, his principle concern was how one culture should interact with another? Or, how monotheistic Christianity could survive and flourish when faced with a pagan culture and education system?”

“Exactly. He wanted to understand how sophisticated pagan culture and learning could be used legitimately by Christians without compromising their faith. He started from the principle that the dominant culture couldn’t simply be ignored, and there was no alternative system to turn to: Christian children went to pagan schools, while pagan customs, traditions, and practices informed everyday life.”

“So what did he do?”

“He established a Christian counter-culture.”

“What? Like skate-boarding, base-jumping, and stuff.”

“Er, not quite, though the principle was similar. His first thought was to set forth Christian belief and principles; every Christian should understand their own faith and know just what they believe in. Then, all the human arts and sciences are subjected to it according to their usefulness. However, he allowed the use of dominant forms of expression, which in his day was rhetoric, in order to communicate the Christian message, providing it didn’t compromise belief.”

“Let me get this straight. He was schooled in the pagan educational system of his day, he then made use of this education to further the cause of Christianity by establishing a Christian counter-culture based on sound Christian belief and practice.”

“That’s about it.”

“We should introduce the guys.”

“You sure.”


“Okay. Here goes. Let me introduce the Beatnik Sufis to y’all: Cacius, Harley, LH, Maximus Theophilus, Gap, and Barry, all from Birmingham, England.”

“BARRY !!!! Who’s BARRY?”

“You know…”

“Ah yes, okay. So what are we all about?”

“We need to establish a counter-culture.”

“I think we’ve already done that.”

“Those guys out there don’t know about it though.”

“So what should we do.”

“Chronicle our counter-culture, our exploits, our antics, make people want to love us and throw pink rose petals at us, and be like us, and accompany us, and marry some of us, and make people happy, we are the Prozac Sufis. Say, once or twice a week”

“What about serious?”

“We’ve done serious for today, let’s go have some fun.”

“Far out dude.”

From: Beatnik Sufis

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  1. hahaa

    while this is happening, im texting j on the fone hahahahahh

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