Sidi Hanif’s (Basair) Advice

Salamu `Alaykum

Sidi Hanif (i.e. offered some important and extremely beneficial advice on the post “The Guiding Force of the Future” (which I have now deleted due to the realization his advice brought me to) regarding the role and position of our elders and `ulema when it comes to such issues.

If my understanding and memory serves me right, the two main points made were:

[1] Sticking to the maslak of the Akabir on all matters and consigning the affairs of such topics to them, and

[2] Formulating sound nisba with the `ulema of our times, especially those of spiritual realization.

Both `ujub and kibr are road blocks to the path of ma`rifa and taqwa. It is said:

من صمت نجا
“He who is silent is saved.”

Right now we should all use our time engaging in our dhikr and muraqaba, our fiqh and other studies, and this will allow us to benefit in the future. Saying too much makes people wary of one and it hasnegative spiritual affects as well.

Please make du`a for this needy servant, and all the needy servants on earth.




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4 responses to “Sidi Hanif’s (Basair) Advice

  1. Grow a backbone. really. continue with this pietist crap and stay quietly in the corner of the masjid and watch the world obliterate itself while the brightest minds of our ummah are in their rooms applying advice not meant for them.

    The reason our world is run by crooks murderers and thieves is because the upright are too scared to show the world the light of Divine Guidance.

  2. Brilliant, molvi. Absulutely brilliant.

  3. Salamu `alaykum

    Insha’Allah the `ulema are there for that. If Allah makes me one of them I will certainly keep those points in mind.


  4. anonymous

    I found the post that you deleted very positive and enlightening, showed that inshallah, we have young individuals who are concerned/seriously thinking about our future and how to go about- (the *approach*)- of dealing with issues which may well be hindering our progress.
    So i was suprised that you felt you had to delete it and say “we should all use our time engaging in our dhikr and muraqaba, our fiqh and other studies”-which will indeed benefit us as individauls and hopefully also at a societal level and i am by no means belittling these matters- but we also really need for people to be critical (with adab of course )of the current situation and suggest new ways/adapt current methods etc of reaching the same goals.
    It truly seems like a shame when we have such bright, enthusiastic young muslims with ambition and energy just sit quiet and not be the ones to get the ball rolling…

    I apologise if i have not made sense and if i have offended anyone in anyway

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