Is Literalism Disbelief?

Salamu `Alaykum

The simple answer: No, not unconditionally.

Please see:


Ibn `Abidin states in his Rad al Muhtar, regarding one who states Allah is a body (we seek refuge!):

(قوله كقوله جسم كالأجسام ) وكذا لو لم يقل كالأجسام ، وأما لو قال لا كالأجسام فلا يكفر لأنه ليس فيه إلا إطلاق لفظ الجسم الموهم للنقص فرفعه بقوله لا كالأجسام ، فلم يبق إلا مجرد الإطلاق وذلك معصية ، وتمامه في البحر

It is stated in the Sharh Tariqa al Muhammadiya:


(ومن ) ( قال بأن الله تعالى جسم لا كالأجسام )

التي تتركب من الأجزاء وكان لها طول وعرض وعمق

( فهو مبتدع )

لعدم ورود الشرع ولإيهامه الجسم المنفي

( وليس بكافر )

؛ لأنه حينئذ يكون بمعنى الذات أو النفس أو الشيء وإطلاقها عليه تعالى جائز وهذا إنما لا يكون كفرا إذا لم يثبت شيء من خواص الجسم كالحيز ، والجهة إلى أن لا يبقى إلا اسم الجسم وإلا فكفر أيضا

It is stated in the Bahr al Ra’iq Sharh `ala Kanz al Daqa’iq of Imam Ibn Nujaym:

وإن قال إنه جسم لا كالأجسام فهو مبتدع

It is also stated in the Fath al Qadir:


وإن قال جسم لا كالأجسام فهو مبتدع ، لأنه ليس فيه إلا إطلاق لفظ الجسم عليه وهو موهم للنقص فرفعه بقوله لا كالأجسام فلم يبق إلا مجرد الإطلاق

Thus, he is not a disbeliever unless he stipulates “Like the body of created things”. However, he is an innovator.




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6 responses to “Is Literalism Disbelief?

  1. fake jihadi

    i guess you can still “construct its kufr”.


    “fake jihadi” as Faqir likes to call me.

  2. i guess no comments on this one…as usual.

    fake jihadi

    PS, check out the ahlus sunnah website. They sure look like sunnis to me.

  3. Salamu `Alaykum

    Sidi, I pray you are well.

    I did not understand what you were trying to ask or imply in your first comment. It is a bida` dhalala to say Allah is a body, and some said kufr, but it is not something that throws one outside the fold of Islam (kufr dun al kufr?) unless he says “like the body of created things.”


  4. A Ferocious Enemy


    Dont make me open up the gates of hell fire on your face. You very well know who this is, and you very very certainly know how many things we can talk about here and show everyone some of the things you have done.

    Send sunnilink my greetings, becuase im sure you know how much i miss you and him.

  5. Salamu `Alaykum

    A true seeker is only concerned with Allah and His Messenger, not claimants to opening up the “gates of hellfire” and random commentators on blogs who have nothing better to do with their time and energy than going around spewing rhetoric.

    As for who you are Sidi, to me it is entirely irrelevant.


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