Shaykh al Hadith Muhammad Sufi Sarwar (May Allah continue to bless us with his blessings)

Salamu `Alaykum

Attached is a biography, in Urdu, of Shaykh al Hadith Hazrat Sufi Sarwar Sahib – the `arif and wali of Allah, and our grand Shaykh. He was blessed with khilafa from three of Maulana Thanawi’s khulafa – Maulana Maseehullah Khan, Mufti Muhammad Hasan, and Hajji Muhammad Sharif (Allah be well-pleased with them all). I asked my Master and Guide about this and he replied that Hazrat Sufi Sahib gave baya` to one and got khilafa, then he passed away. Then he gave baya` to the other and also got khilafa, then he passed away. Then he gave baya` again to the third and again recieved khilafa, then he also passed away.

He was a man of medium height, big, fair complexion, and a white beard. He would always begin his sermons with “Maulana Thanawi said…” showing his dedication to the Akabir. Among his most notable traits was his humor and straightforwardness which brought a sense of joy and happiness to his gatherings. This lowly one remembers seeing Hazrat enter the room where he would give his after `asr durus and waving off his students and lovers who were trying to pick up his shoes, or help him wear them or take them off. It was humility and humblness that made Hazrat react like that, even though he was extremely old and fragile.

Among the karama of Hazrat Sufi Sahib was his obliviousness to the dunya and his istiqama on the path of Allah. Around his neck Hazrat wears a ring that was given to his brother by the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) in a dream. I heard this from a number of khulafa of my Guide.

This lowly slave was blessed to sit in the gatherings of Hazrat Sufi Sahib in August of 2005 in the mubarak madressa Jami`ah Ashrafiya.

Insha’Allah, I will try and translate the attached file one day.



Hazrat Sufi Sarwar Sahib


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6 responses to “Shaykh al Hadith Muhammad Sufi Sarwar (May Allah continue to bless us with his blessings)

  1. Yaser

    “He would always begin many of his sermons with”

    Thats…oxymoranical (I doubt that’s a word). You can delete this comment after you fix it 🙂

  2. Salamu `Alaykum

    Thanks Yaser 😉


  3. anonymous sunni

    assalamu `alaykum – wa alaikum assalam.

  4. Walaikum assalam hamood

  5. Hanif


    Hazrat Sufi sahib db has written a concise booklet; “Fayoozul Akabir”. It has details about his two Shuyukh. That are, Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Hassan sahib ra (founder of Jamai Ashrafiya) and Hazrat Master Mohammad Sharif sahib ra.

    It is a must reading for all those affiliated with Ashrafiya tariq. Especially important and unique are the usool of batani tarbiya outlined in it.

  6. (click FAQ) (click Library)

    Paltalk – “Our Sheikh” room 2wice a day live zikr

    Mohammad Khan

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