Knowlege of the Tablet and the Pen: Imam Kawthari Explains

Imam Kawthari said in his Maqalat:

“Concerning those who criticize Busayri for saying that the Prophet knows the knwoledge of the Tablet and the Pen: neither does all that is hidden, nor does all knowledge reside exclusively in the Tablet. Therefore the denial of the knowledge of the Unseen does not necessitate that of the knowledge of what is in the Preserved Tablet. The denial mentioned in Allahs saying: “He discloses unto none His Secret” (72:26) presupposes exemption of all that is excluded from “His Secret,” signifying the negation of universal disclosure (no one knows all that Allah knows), not the universal application of such negation (no one knows anything that Allah knows). Therefore the meaning is the negation of the knowledge of all the Unseen; not the negation of the knowledge of some of the Unseen. This was demonstrated by Sa`d Al Taftazani in Sharh al maqasid.”

Further, for the Pen, the Prophet said, as related by Bukhari, that during the night of his Ascension he reached a level where he could hear the screeching of the pens writing the Decree, and this stands for his being granted its knowledge. Wallahu A’lam

And, lastly, for the Tablet, then one should know that one of the definitions of the Tablet is the Quran itself as cited in 85:21-22 which Allah has taught the Prophet . Similarly, Allah has granted him knowledge of it as cited in 75:16-19.

Shaykh Gibril Haddad explained this once as such.




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6 responses to “Knowlege of the Tablet and the Pen: Imam Kawthari Explains

  1. basair

    This is exactly what our Akabir say.
    However, a reference from our Akabir will be most reassuring to some of the less knowledgeable Deobandis, like myself.

  2. Salamu `Alaykum

    I am looking, Sidi. If you have any please do share, Insha’Allah.


  3. basair

    Also mentioning Mr Haddad is not appropriate in pro-Deobandi discussion.

  4. Salamu `Alaykum

    We take the good from all and leave the bad, Insha’Allah. Since all Shaykh Gibril did was quote Imam Kawthari I found no harm in mentioning what was said. The interpretation seemed perfectly in line with our beliefs. Yes, it would be better to find an explanation from the Akabir or their students. If i do i will definitely post it. However, the above was for quick clarity purposes.


  5. AOA
    If all Deobandis get the knowledge about what is written in this blog, then i believe there wont be any differences in brelvis n deobandis because when brelvis mention these things, deobandi masses dont believe it.

    GOOD WORK !!!

  6. Salamu `Alaykum

    Alhamdulilah, I have found an explanation from the Akabir and will be posting it soon.

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