Yearning For My Beloved

Where are you my beloved?

I seek you all day and night,

Allow me to gaze upon your splendor,

So my passion for you will further ignite,

Do not leave me in this dark prison,

All alone with nothing but these tears,

My heart and soul will soon perish,

And into insanity I shall veer,

I am drunk on your wine,

Back and forth I sway,

Oblivious to the world,

In simple disarray,

How long shall the majnun be deprived,

His layla is surely aware,

She is the cause of his existence,

The very reason he breaths this air,

Maulana echoes my feelings,

Of how in your light I learnt how to love,

In your beauty, how to make poems,

But no one will understand this feeling,

Except he who sees through my eyes.

(Ibn Ahmad)


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6 responses to “Yearning For My Beloved

  1. Yusuf


    Who is Ibn Ahmad and did you translate it?

    Very nice.

  2. Salamu `alaykum

    No, i did not translate it.

    Ibn Ahmad is no one important nor someone worth knowing.


  3. Karim

    You didn’t translate it, but did you write it perhaps? 😉

  4. Salamu `Alaykum

    Only Allah knows best who wrote it. The man who wrote it also knows he wrote it, ofcourse. I know Ibn Ahmad well though – in and out -, and more poetry will come from him soon, Insha’Allah.

    In need of your du`a’s.


  5. Thank you for the poems contained here, and particularly this one. I am enjoying your blog very much, and looking forward to the development of the Tasawwuf page as well.


  6. Subahanallah!
    Beautiful poem siddi!
    Looking forward to more inshallah.

    Wassalaam wr wb

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