Engulfed In Sadness


It has engulfed my soul,

I lay here withering,

Seeking to be consoled,

I have diverged from the path,

No longer do I have sight of the goal,

Aimlessly I walk around,

A seemingly never ending stroll.


Rumi said sadness is a bad dream,

To me it seems very real,

If only I could contemplate on his words and wisdom,

Feel the spiritual presence he feels,

Yet, I lack the yearning of my Beloved,

Without Him I cannot heal,

I shall try to bury my existence within the depth of the earth,

Hoping one day I will again become ecstatic in His zeal…


Ibn Ata said that fruits do not ripen,

Unless they are first buried within dirt,

So also does the soul not actualize,

Unless it is buried and given rebirth.

– Ibn Ahmad

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up
is a sure sign that you put your faith in deeds.

– Ibn Ata’illah fil Hikam


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5 responses to “Engulfed In Sadness

  1. basair

    Please, check “Masail e tasawwuf ” regarding this verse “thy burden . The which did gall thy back?” (94-2,3) for the state that you describe.

  2. Yusuf


    Jazakamullahu khaira.

  3. Great poem, dear salman bhai.

    Hope everything is alright.

    JazakAllah for that poem.

  4. Usma

    that was deep.

    Jazakallah Khair

  5. Salamu `Alaykum

    Barakallah feekum for all the comments. Sidi Basair, I will check out the section you mentioned.


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