A Gathering In Remembrance of the Prophet in Jeddah

salamu `alaykum

Courtesy of our dear Br. Amir (www.mujahideenryder.net) :






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17 responses to “A Gathering In Remembrance of the Prophet in Jeddah

  1. you see the duff without the “key chains sound” its so nice. that’s what i want.

  2. salamu `alaykum

    If you can find one online or something Amir, tell me. I’ll get it.


  3. Anonysunni

    Now as my tears are falling
    there is no one here to wipe them away.
    Just my hands of loneliness
    Praying, what to do.

    I stare at nothing,trying to decide
    where do I go from here,
    Which way do I turn?

    The tears are falling, remembering
    all the things I took for granted,
    now that all is lost and gone.

  4. Anonysunni

    Return at once,
    Oh loved one,
    Return at once.

  5. hanif

    Rulings remain the same even if it celebrated in Jeddah!

  6. Mashalah…nice

    Hanif?? what do you mean? [mind me I am slow:|]

  7. I’m not sure if that was the right dosis of… well, spiritual ecstasy… at least in the first video.

  8. Abdul Nabi

    Hanif meant Deobandis don’t allow celebration of Mawlid no matter where! he is been honest

    doesn’t mean salman doesn’t allow it he must do as he has put it on the blog

  9. salamu `alaykum

    Well, I am sure the people who are celebrating the Mawlid in Jeddah are not Deobandis and thus are not bound by “our” rulings. They follow there own Akabir on the issue, the likes of whom we know as none other than righteous, god-fearing, and knowledgable scholars.

    As such, my post is not discussing legality or even the Deobandi view, and we are all aware of the khilaf on the issue so it is not very useful arguing over and over again.


  10. Saeed Alamri

    Any proof that such gahtering happend in Jeddah???
    Its somewhere in Sudan not in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

  11. JazakAllah for sharing this.

  12. khaaqi

    That may have been in Jeddah, Looked very much like it as I have attended various gatherings there. Mawlid in Jeddah and Madinah Munawara and Makkah Mukaramah is not a new thing.
    The Ushaaq of Aqa Sallalaahoalyhiwassallam exist everywhere, And yes they have celebrated Mawlid there since the time of the Sahaaba Ridwaanullahi taala alyhum ajmain.
    These Milaadis some of whom are Saada’t of Saudia Arabia have never seen Bareily shareef or heard of it…….Yet they do Very Barelwy things…. I have experienced the same in Syria Morroco, and I know of countries all over the world where Mawlid is celebrated like this, eg Turkey, S.Africa, Malaysia, Java, Yemen, Indonesia, Sumatra, Egypt, etc etc .. All Barelwi’s. Don’t let these haasid make you think that Bareilly Shareef is a one off and initiates Bidah’s…

  13. man you get all the nice comments. i take all the heat

  14. alhumdullilah
    there are people who recite “ya nabi salam alaika”
    other than indo-pak sub continenet
    though we here at indo-pak donot recite salam with “daf”(instrument bieng played.)
    may ALLAH make us true AASHIQ-E_MUSTAFA sallahu taal alaih wassalam…..aameen ya rabbul aalameen,bijahin nabiyil ameen sallahu taala wassalam

  15. z


    Can you also post this video of salawat and mawlid ; guess you wont because its called Salam and Milad.

  16. Sayyid Husain

    Brother Saeed Alamri asked a valid question “Any proof that such gahtering happend in Jeddah???” – however his presumptions were wrong.

    I personally am a witness to this specific gathering organised by the Halwani brothers in Jeddah. Infact I’ve been attending it since I was 14. Whats more interesting to note is that this gathering doesnt take palce once a year – rather every week (either monday or wed depending on the calendar).

    I have to say they recite one of the most illuminating and soul stirring qasida’s.


    hope I have clarified any doubts.

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