The Awliya of Allah

salamu` alaykum

My eyes gaze upon them in splendid awe,

How rarely does one witness such a site,

Seeing their nur brings to light all of my flaws,

And annihilates the selfs might. (Ibn Ahmad)


(courtesy of Al Kashif)













Shuyukh of the Shadhili Darqawi Order:

Starting from left to right grouped in bunches:

1. Shaykh Ahmad `Alawi 2. al-Arif al-Shaikh Abdul Rahman al-Shaghuri 3. Shaikh Abdul Qardir Hayani (Halab) 4. al-Arif al-Shaikh Abdul QadirIsa’
5. Shaikh Ahmad al-Murad 6. Shaikh Ahmad Karasi (Halab) 7. Shaikh Bakri Hayani

1. Shaikh Bakri Hayani (again) 2. Shaikh Ahmad al-Habbal 3. Shaikh Fadil al-Kurkur 4. al-Shaikh Muhammad al-Hashimi 5. Shaikh Hazim Nayif Abu Ghazalah 6. Shaikh Muhammad al-Murad 7. Shaikh Muhammad Ali al-Murad

1. al-Shaikh al-Kurdi 2. Shaikh Nur ad-Din Azizi 3. Shaikh Sa’id Burhani
4. Shaikh Sajid Abdul Qadir (Baghdad) 5. Shaikh Salih al-Furfur 6. Shaikh Ali Abdul Rahman 7. Shaikh Abul Hasan al-Tarabulusi

1. Shaikh Sidi Azreqi 2. Shaikh Sidi Hajj Quwdir 3. Shaikh Muhammad al-Hashimi 4. Shaikh Muhammad al-Madani 5. Shaikh Muhammad Bel Hajj
6. Shaikh Sidi Muhammad Sharif

1. al-Arif Shaikh Ahmad al-Alawi 2. al-Arif Shaikh Ahmad al-Alawi 3. Shaikh Shamil al-Murad 4. Shaikh Hilal al-Yemani 5. Shaikh Sidi Sharif Oul Hasan
6. Shaikh Muhammad al-Ya’qubi 7. Shaikh Ahmad Jami


al `abd al faqir Salman Al Husayni



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8 responses to “The Awliya of Allah

  1. f.

    Masha Allah, your blog is amazing.

  2. Danya

    I love Shadhilis 😉

  3. tazkiyyah


    JA zakallahu khairun

    Its like honey vibrating in my eyes

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  5. sunnilink

    mashaAllah … lots of nur on their faces, especially the shaykh in green.

  6. MashaAllah

    look at the noor…

  7. Praise be to God and Jazakallah Khair for this beautiful sharing.

    i hv quoted from ur post with due credit on Mansur Al Hallaj, may Allah sanctify his soul.

    blessings be with you.

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