“The Murids”

salamu `alaykum

Sidi Alex’s blog:

From Sidi Yursil:




This site is a result of my desire to create a community portal of Sufi / Tasawwuf oriented writings. This includes anything from poetry, to writing about your silsilah, to Islamic history, to political viewpoints.

You can even share your pictures with others!

If you haven’t blogged before, this is a great opportunity. Go ahead and register on sufimuslims.com (themureeds.com). Follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions you can email me at yursil@gmail…l.com

The goal is to offer the world a single place to view constant new material from the viewpoint of spiritual muslims, rather than spread out all across the internet.

The new system will support individuals keeping their own blogs within the site. Of course, they can continue posting on their blogspot or wordpress sites as well.

Good entries, or entries from popular submitters, will get promoted to the front page right away.

You do not have to have a murshid or tariqat to participate. The more good hearted individuals we have participating the better this site will be. Eventually we can make it a resource for the world to see the true peaceful and spiritual nature of Islam.

I am still working on a lot of the main content about instructions, but generally you just register and start writing entries very simply.

Please provide feedback to the idea and everything to yursil@gmail…l.com. Jazakallahkhair.



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2 responses to ““The Murids”

  1. as-salamu’alaikum

    JazakAllah for the plug

    😉 can’t wait to see your posts there too! we will make this a popular daily site inshaAllah!

  2. Revert Ninja

    JazakAllah for the links.
    Should help clear up any questions I have on the topic inshaAllah.
    Walaykum as salaam

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