Hakimul Ummah’s Grave

salamu `alaykum

Courtesy of the Ashrafiya blog:


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One response to “Hakimul Ummah’s Grave

  1. bro

    As sallamu alaikum

    Dear Br. Salman, I know this might not be the place to ask you this but I was wondering if you
    had the e-mail address for Br. al-kashif al-saghir. I wanted his answer to a question posed to him by another brother on his (al-kashif) blog.

    I don’t have a wordpress account so I can’t post anything in his comments section. So if it’s OK with him, could you please pass on his e-mail address to me. Or if that won’t be possible then In sha’Allah I could e-mail you and you could pass it on to him.

    Jazak Allah Khair.
    Your Bro in Islam

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