100th Post

salamu `alaykum

Dedicated to the `ulema for safeguarding and transmitting the teachings of our Noble Messenger (Allah bless him and grant him peace) – in specific to my akabir, my main inspirations in life, such as Maulana Ashraf `Ali Thanawi, Maulana Gangohi, Maulana Nanotwi, Maulana Khalil, Imam Zafar `Uthmani, and others (May Allah be pleased with them all) -; to my murshid wal sayyidi who took me by the hand and allowed me to take the first few steps on this long spiritual journey to Allah, always treating me like a son; to my ustaadh and beloved Shaykh Faraz Rabbani for always being there to assist me in my talab al `ilm; to my parents and family for always supporting me in the quest for religious knowledge and not forcing me to become a doctor; to all of my friends and loved ones (you know who you are) without whom life would seem empty and lonely, and through whom I learnt much; to all the readers for visiting this blog, commenting, and encouraging, although it is but a mere attempt by a worthless sinner to share the very little knowledge he has.

Lastly to the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace), without whose nur we would still be engulfed and drowning in the darkness of ignorance, whose radiance shattered all falsehood, whose incomprehensible stature and rank formulated the basis and reason for the existence of all things. May Allah send countless blessings upon him, his family, and companions, and may he allow us to drink from his noble hand at al kawthar and see a glimpse of his face – looking at which is worth more than the universe and all that is within it, even if for a micro-second.

“He has triumphed who ascribes himself to him!
-Not that he needs such following,

For he is not in need of creation at all,
While they all need him without exception.

He belongs to Allah alone, Whose purified servant he is,
As his attributes and names have made manifest;

And every single favor in creation comes from Allah
To him, and from him to everything else.” (Qadhi Nabhani)

In need of your du`as

al `abd al dha`if



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14 responses to “100th Post

  1. Ikramuddin

    Ameen thuma Ameen to all your duas sidi. May Allah aza wa jal forever keep us in the company of our Beloved Rasul Salallahualaihiwasalam, in both the worlds, ameen. May He enoble our akabir and continuallly allow us to benefit from them, ameen.

  2. Qushayri

    Jumua and Eid Mubarak to everyone.

    Salman wrote: “Lastly to the…”

    I would have wrote, Lastly and most importantly, I’ve saved the best for the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace),…

    Btw, in which of his works does Qadi Nabhani write those priceless lines of praise upon the Beloved
    (صلى الله عليه و آله و سلم)

    Baraka Allah-u fik Sidi.

  3. salamu `alaykum

    Sayyidi ikramuddin: Amin, and may Allah accept you.

    Sayyidi Qushayri: Among the beauties of language is that each letter, each word, points to a meaning that arises from the essence of the speaker, which is framed within layers and layers of meanings that can point to a number of realities. I would expect that merely by the mention of “Lastly” and what proceeds it that “most importantly” and “best” are implicitly understood : ).

    The work of Qadhi Nabhani from which this poem was taken from is entitled Sa`adat al Darayn. It is not the full poem, but merely a part of, tr. by sidi Gibril. Barakallah feek to you also.


  4. sunnilink

    Mabruk on this milestone!

    May Allah (swt) put baraka in your posts / works and give you the ability to expound the teachings of the Akabireen of the Ulama-e-Deoband, inshaAllah in ways that are most beneficial.

  5. salamu `alaykum

    I love you hamood! meray dost


  6. Abdul Razak

    Amin. Beautiful post, as always. Your blog, even though not the most regularly updated, remains my favorite. May Allah bless you to continue posting beneficial wisdom, thoughts, advice, and information for the ummah.

  7. Abdul Razak

    Actually, you’ve been updating it pretty regularly. Keep it up, insha’Allah. You have fans. ***screams begin and arms start waiving in the air***

  8. annon

    Brother Salman,
    Are you a Molvi or studying to become a molvi?

  9. Jazakallah for the poem, beautiful:)

  10. Amin.
    I agree it is a beautiful post, mashaAllah.

  11. salamu `alaykum

    Sidi Annon: No, I am not a Maulvi. I am not studying to become a Maulvi, but in order to become a complete (kamil) servant, Insha’Allah.

    Barakallah feekum to all of you for the comments.


  12. MashaAllah.

    Remember us in your duas, dear molvi saheb.

    Keep up the good work.

    A rare soul, mind, think head in our times; salman.



  13. as salam `alaykum

    Beautiful post masha Allah.

    I heard from Hamood that you’ve stopped logging onto MSN? You haven’t even kept in contact with us. Is something wrong?

    Ahsan Irfan

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