Following A Guide

salamu `alaykum

Shaykh Farid (Allah have mercy on him) said:

گر ہواے ایں سفر داری ولا ** دامن رہبر بگیر وپس برآ

بار باید راہ را تنہا مرد ** بے قلاؤز اندریں صحر امرو

The above basically states that if one wishes and yearns to walk this path of love (to Allah) then grab onto a guide and follow him. If you walk this path without a guide then you will fall into confusion and bewilderment, and you will never be able to complete the journey.

After this Hakimul Ummah mentions Shaykh Farid writing about those who completed the journey without a guide. However, this to was only achievable due to the influence of guides, those one is not aware of. (Islaah A`amal Pg: 236)

I will detail this aspect later someday.




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2 responses to “Following A Guide

  1. sunnilink

    Can you tell us a bit about Shaykh Farid?

  2. Lotusnpearls

    Please check out this Enlightened Master who is female and also from the Orient.

    The Supreme Master Ching Hai.
    (Ocean of Love).

    Check out these two links-:
    (webtv with her lectures and much more)

    They showed an episode on the Prophet Muhammad(0wbp) recently. They are seen worldwide including the Middle East and North Africa.

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