Prayers Needed

salamu `alaykum

I pray everyone is well.

I was informed recently that shaykhul hadith Muhammad Sufi Sarwar (May Allah grant him all good and well being) i.e. my murshid’s shaykh, has suffered complete bodily paralysis.

I would kindly request everyone to make sincere du`a for his recovery. He is one of the great spiritual teachers in our times, a leading scholar of hadith, and one of our akabirin.

Update: I just spoke to my murshid (Allah continue to benefit us through him) who said that Hazrat Sufi Sahib is better now although still somewhat weak. Please continue to make du`a for him.




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15 responses to “Prayers Needed

  1. AsSalamualaikum,

    Oh Allah keep this Illustrious soul alive and well for his shadow is a shade for us sinners.

    His recitation of Khaja Aziz ul Hasan Majzub’s Nazms is a unmatched especially the Nazm on the demise of Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummah Rahmatullah. Must Listen 😦

    May Allah Tala grant him speedy recovery and give him Tawfeeq to sit down one day and recite the entire Kashkol-e-Majzub in his melodious voice.

    Mujtaba Ali

  2. salamu `alaykum sidi

    The above recitation is by my murshid – Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Shah – who is the khalifa of Hazrat Sufi Sarwar (db). Rather, one of his senior khulafa.


  3. Z L

    May Allah grant the Shykh shifaa kamilah, amin.

  4. Qushayri

    May Allah give the Shaykh a complete and speedy recovery by the rank of His beloved Sayyiduna Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wa sallam).

    Listen to the Shaykh speak about the tranquility of the heart (dil ka sukoon).


  5. Imran Khan

    May Allah grant full and speedy recovery to the noble Shaykh (ameen).

  6. May Allah grant him a quick and full recovery to our noble Shaykh, inheritor of the Prophets. Ameen.

  7. BismillahirRahmanirRaheem

    May Allah continue to grant him high stations and continue to allow us to benefit from him in the best ways possible.

  8. sunnilink

    May Allah grant him complete recovery and make his matters easy for him. Ameen.

  9. May Allah Ta’ala grant him shiffat-e-kamila and even higher ranks in this world and the hereafter.

  10. May Allah make it easy for him, ameen.

  11. nizami

    اللهم يا رب أشفي سيدي شفاء تاما و اجعل ذلك طهارة له من كل ذنب .آمين

  12. May Allah grant the Shaykh Shifa Kamilah. Amin

  13. May Allah grant him a speedy recovery.Ameen

  14. May Allah give him and all of us good health.

  15. May Allah grant him peace, health and strength and also ease his pain and suffering.

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