Love Lost…

Sitting in a corner,
A heart is torn,
The eyes sob,
The self mourns.


Realizing now,
Mistakes that were made,
How could it slip from his hands?
No one answers,
No matter how much this lover demands.


She was the nur of his eyes,
The reason for his sight,
Without her he is blind,
His destination he cannot find.


What to do?
The murid asks the shaykh,
“Seek her out again, let the hearts love emit”,
“Will she accept me?”
“Yes, if the Lord permits.”


“The hearts love emits,
Through vigilant prayer,
Weep therein like a child,
In front of Him,
Through it He will be beguiled.”


Read this,
See what I wish to say,
You know who you are,
So help me,
Remove my hearts scar.


(dedicated to: You)

– Ibn Ahmad


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18 responses to “Love Lost…

  1. ali

    chishti jaan.



    i think you are the man now


  2. Z L

    Thats beautiful, Mashalah.

  3. Sha`ir e Maghrib Allamah Salman Ahmad Younas Damat Barakatuhum

    Masha Allah

    Subhan Allah

    Muqarrar Muqarrar

  4. sunnilink

    wah wah ..

    (lol @ ahsan)

  5. BeauTIful..

    A rare glimpse into your heart, as they say the ‘tongue is the translator of the heart’..

    May your heart find peace and joy..

  6. anonymous

    So brother, do you have intention for 40 days, insha’Allah?

  7. salamu `alaykum

    `Ali & Sis. Zainab: Barakallah feekum

    Sadiq: one of many secrets…

    Ahsan and Hamood: *smile*

    Umair (aka anonymous): *smiles wider*

    dil ke andar aik sirr hai
    laug nahi jaantai kya
    kaan lagoun meray qalb pei
    aur suno kehta hai woh kya

    malum ho jai ga sab ko
    is dil ka `aashiqana majaz
    saaf zahir ho jai ga sab ko
    mera `ishq mei dooba huwa andaaz.


  8. sunnilink

    wah wah (again) @ the urdu sha’iri … angreezi waisai bhi samajh nahi aati.

  9. dedicated to “you”
    hmm makes me think
    who is this “you”?
    i might know, *wink, wink*

    it must be a sister
    cuz i know salman isnt queer
    & he must really miss her
    for that is quite clear

    now the question remains
    whos the lucky ms.?
    maybe i can explain…
    for i may have some clues on this….

    (to be continued)

  10. salamu `alaykum

    I laughed at that Haseeb, with a heart full of love and joy.

    You are a funny man. I see you are taking the poetic road.

    With prayers

    aap ka dost

    PS: I dont have to explain the “You” part. Those who know, know. Those who dont, dont need to.

  11. lol im just messing with u, my dost
    for u know i love u the most 🙂

  12. salamu `alaykum

    Ofcourse I do. Thanks though, it made me smile.

    With prayers.

  13. Z L

    Short but very deep. [Molana Ismaeel would mention this one often]

    Har tammana dil se rukhsat ho gaee
    Ab to aaja ab to khalwat ho gaee

    May Allah grant us all the ability to say this with sincerity,amin.

  14. salamu `alaykum


    Very deep. The tongue of the poet merely manifests a finite number of meanings the infinite heart “encompasses”, but the depths of those meanings exceed the oceans. So, think, what of those people who behold the heart itself in its entirety? What a state they must be in.

    With prayers for your success Sis. Zainab, and a request from this weak one to remember him in your du`as.


  15. Wah wah @ the Urdu Sha’iri

    Aap to Hazrat Iqbal ko bhi peechey chor gaye…

    Wah wah

    Subhan Allah

  16. abu optimism

    Har tammana dil se rukhsat ho gaee
    Ab to aaja ab to khalwat ho gaee

    translation/commentary please…


  17. anon

    God willing, you shall find what you seek.

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