Dear Amir…

I remember walking into the union for my first jumu`ah prayer on campus. I saw this guyanese kid with a thin line-beard, dressed quite ghettoish, staring at the khatib, and I thought to myself, “Wow, he’s pretty dark.” Yes, that is a true story.

Either way, that was the first time we “met”. Not much of a meeting since we didnt utter a single word to each other, but soon after we became a freshmen duo – rather a trio, with Naveed. With your active nature and connections (with everyone in the whole world), my supposed passion for fiqh, and Naveed’s crude humor there is no doubt in my mind why the Stony Brook Muslim Students Association is such a success. After all, we were in line to take charge and we did – in a way.

Some good memories during these past 3-4 years. Sitting at the EOB with Mujeeb trying to figure out his name and major. Watching you cry on the balcony like a little girl. Yes! I have witnessed Amir, the MujahideenRyder, cry! All those Chicken Guy runs. Spending nights playing cards. Going to MSA East Zone in Virginia and Maryland, and doing all the crazy stuff we did there. Watching you strive and overcome all barriers to get engaged. Going to Toronto and the border incident (lol). Singing nasheeds with you every week. The list is endless.

So, with that I say Happy Birthday my dear friend. It is really shocking that youre a month and fifteen days older than me. Yet, Insha’Allah, you will live a long, prosperous, and beneficial life. This is our last year together in University, and our last year seeing each other for the next couple of years since I’ll be leaving soon. You’ve been a great friend though and thank you for that.

Ever need anything dont hesitate to give a shout out. You can be certain that I’ll reply and be there in whatever way I can. My friends and loved ones mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.


Your true friend is the one who remains with you
And will even hurt himself to benefit you


And if the trials of life ever challenge you He’ll risk his very self to protect you.

(Imam Ghazali in his Ihya)

I leave, with deep love for you and prayers for your success.



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25 responses to “Dear Amir…

  1. aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. πŸ™‚ Happy birthday Amir!

  3. Shoeb

    Happy birthday Amir Saheb πŸ™‚

    You’re an awesome friend masha Allah. May Allah ta’ala always keep you happy and prosperous in both worlds. Ameen.

  4. happy bday amir!!

    (why are we wishing amir a happy bday on salman’s site?

  5. Why not, I’ll do it on both!

    Happy Birthday Amir!

  6. Tazkiyyah

    May Allah(swt) cause your smiles to echo in eternity.

  7. sufi iqbal jalhandri

    bida !!!

  8. o yea and by bday, i meant bida-day πŸ™‚

  9. Z L

    lol @ biddah-day!

  10. Dear Sidi Salman Ahmad Younas

    I am not good at writing beautiful dua’s. I’ll follow the BUS 441 strategy ‘KISS’ (Keep it simple, stupid!).

    May Allah (swt) accept your duas and grant you a pious and beautiful wife that will cherish and take care of you. Ameen!

    Same dua applies to everyone else who wished me a happy bidday.


  11. Salman you are one of my best friends.

  12. Usman khan

    Happy bday amir .. as for salman he is sitting next to me soo ill talk about him later… I love salman. He is the best. That was beautiful sal 😦

  13. seeker

    No matter how profound an understanding of Islam, the desi muslim just can’t over his color complexes.

  14. salamu `alaykum

    Sidi: I apologise if the above came out offensive to you. I really have no color complexes. It is just a joke between two very close friends that I thought would bring a smile to his face on this happy occassion.

    I’m not a whitey either. Im brown!


  15. Adam

    So all it takes to make Amir say you are one of his best friends is to write a blog post about him? I can do that…..

  16. now it all makes sense……i never got a blog post on oct. 6th, never got a copy of madden for the Wii, and i am no longer part of the “crew”……now i see, u never really liked me……u just use me…..u want me to be in ur company so u can make fat jokes about me to make urself feel better

  17. salamu `alaykum

    Lol. Mohsin, that was hilarious.

  18. Hey to Seeker, Salman is not racist at all. The skin color thing is an inside joke between us. In fact, Salman’s dark himself.

    Dark ppl are hot nowdays πŸ˜‰

  19. and ur saying light ppl arent hot?

    amir, now ur being racist!!!

  20. Adam Sahib

    This bday message was DEEP.

  21. That’s so king!
    May Allah reward you!

  22. H

    that is truly beautiful

    funny how we don’t see brotherly love around these days. It’s considered “ajeeb” 😐

    May Allah bless your friendship, ameen πŸ™‚

  23. I’m touched! You guys are awesome friends! Happy Birthday MR!( i don’t know why I am not writing on his blog instead)

    PS. where are you going Salman?

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