What Is Beneficial Knowledge?

salamu `alaykum

Ibn Ata’illah, the knower of Allah, stated in his Hikam:

“Beneifical knowledge is that which expands the breast with its rays, and by it the veils of the heart are lifted.”

Ibn `Abbad states in his commentary on the Hikam, entitled Ghayth al Mawahib al `Aliyyati:

“Beneficial knowledge is the knowledge of Allah, His attributes, His names, and the knowledge by which one knows how to submit to Him and act properly in regards to His favors. This is the knowledge whose rays pervade the breast… lifting from the heart its veils and dispelling all doubts and misgivings.

From the wisdom of Dawud (Allah’s blessing upon him and all our prophets) is his saying, ‘The knowledge in the breast is like the lantern in the house.’

Abu Muhammad `Abd al `Aziz al Mahdawi (Allah be well-pleased with him) said, ‘Beneficial knowledge is knowledge of the moment (`ilm al waqt), the clarity of the heart, ascetism (zuhd) from the world, (the knowledge) of what brings one closer to paradise and further from the fire, fear of Allah and returning (raja’) to Him due to such fear, and the pestilence (aafaat) of the heart and its purification. It is a specifically designated light (nur) that Allah places in the heart of whomever He pleases, not knowledge of the tongue that is transmitted and apprehensible by the mind.’

Malik ibn Anas said (Allah be well-pleased with him) said, ‘Knowledge is not the abundance of narrations. It is only a light that Allah Most High places in the hearts.’

Imam Junayd (Allah be well-pleased with him) said, ‘Knowledge is that by which you know your Lord…’

This statement (of Ibn Ata’illah) is a clear summarization that gathers within it the objectives of the knowledge of the Sufis, which is knowing (ma`arifa) Allah and acting in the best of ways with regards to His favors. This is the knowledge which is recommended for a person to submerge himself in – without one masking himself from it, slightly or abundantly.”

(Ghayth al Mawahib, Pg: 211 Ed: Dar al Khayr, 2003)

With prayers




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  3. Adil

    Allah bless you for your work, Alhamdulillah.

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  5. omar

    Good job Salman, masha’Allah. I especially like Imam Malik’s quote ;).

    was Salam.

  6. salamu `alaykum

    Sidi Nabeel: I have recieved your comment and deleted it as you requested. I’ll reply to you through email.


  7. ali

    qal ali alayhis salaam

    there is nothing as honourable as knowledge.

    wa qallahu haqq.

    so seek it oh seeker
    seek it

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  9. Assalaam-o-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Rabakatuhu
    is there more on it it’s really nice i want more on it!

  10. salamu `alaykum

    Dear sister: Yes, I’ll be putting more up in the future, Insha’Allah. If you want something specific you can post a comment and request it and I’ll strive to make it available.

    With prayers for your success

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