A New Website

salamu `alaykum

Excellent new website by some friends up at:


It deals with a number of “hot” issues. Even though, due to my manhaj, I dont encourage or agree with certain aspects the articles are all from reliable Sunni scholars.





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15 responses to “A New Website

  1. sufi iqbal jalhandri

    do you still do mawlid salman or you changed?

  2. salamu `alaykum

    I only do dhikr al rasul `alayhis salatu wal salam, wa ruhi fidaka ya imam al `alimin!

  3. sunnilink

    salman apna banda hai … 😉

  4. sufi iqbal jalhandri

    so you don’t do mawlid anymore with your nazar on farazs socks

  5. salman – i suggest you not allow comments to be published until you’ve vetted them…

  6. Z L

    I agree with Faqir.
    Some comments just…don’t sound right…

  7. salamu `alaykum

    Sidi Sufi Iqbal: I think I have answered the question. As for looking at my masters “socks”, it is an honor for me.

    Sis Z L: The vast majority of the comments are good, do not lack decorum, and many times provide some benefit and insight.

    There are, of course, a few individuals who like to start controversy after controversy. If I see a comment that incites fitna then I will delete it – as I have in the past. The default though is to allow comments without censure since the believer expects only the best from another believer.


  8. The marifah website is a fine enterprise.

  9. f

    asalamu alaykum, please could you email me.

  10. I only glossed over it briefly but it looks good masha’Allah.

  11. anyone

    “The marifah website is a fine enterprise.”

    Especially when you’ve got people like Irfan Ahmed running it. We all know his respect for Imam Suhiab Webb.

  12. Anon

    On the DP thread, his portrayal of bringing his argument forward seems to be done in a respectful manner [if thats what your refering to].

    Let me just mention, we’re all entiteled to our own opinions.
    I think its a good site, that my opinion. You’ve made your opinion apparent, and what you quoted was Sidi Salmans opinion.

    No two people are exactly the same. We need to learn to respect, accept and be more tolerant of one another.

  13. tazkiyyah

    We need to be less emotive.

    Its about the clash of ideas.
    Make your discussion intellectual and rational.

    Leave your emotions at home…

    Aql versus Aql..
    WHy can’t muslims do that anymore?
    Its all fiery frustrated empty rhetoric nowadays.

    I welcome irfan ahmed’s raising of the academic level of the debate, and those that differ with him in the deobandi camp, must raise their own intellectual level and debate with him academically and intellectualy…

  14. eydan bukhari

    Can someone please verify/refute my assertion in the post “If you knew what I know…”? Salman, you’ve got crazy-good hadith research skills, can you help a brother out?

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