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Mine and others

Love Lost…

Sitting in a corner,
A heart is torn,
The eyes sob,
The self mourns.


Realizing now,
Mistakes that were made,
How could it slip from his hands?
No one answers,
No matter how much this lover demands.


She was the nur of his eyes,
The reason for his sight,
Without her he is blind,
His destination he cannot find.


What to do?
The murid asks the shaykh,
“Seek her out again, let the hearts love emit”,
“Will she accept me?”
“Yes, if the Lord permits.”


“The hearts love emits,
Through vigilant prayer,
Weep therein like a child,
In front of Him,
Through it He will be beguiled.”


Read this,
See what I wish to say,
You know who you are,
So help me,
Remove my hearts scar.


(dedicated to: You)

– Ibn Ahmad



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Following A Guide

salamu `alaykum

Shaykh Farid (Allah have mercy on him) said:

گر ہواے ایں سفر داری ولا ** دامن رہبر بگیر وپس برآ

بار باید راہ را تنہا مرد ** بے قلاؤز اندریں صحر امرو

The above basically states that if one wishes and yearns to walk this path of love (to Allah) then grab onto a guide and follow him. If you walk this path without a guide then you will fall into confusion and bewilderment, and you will never be able to complete the journey.

After this Hakimul Ummah mentions Shaykh Farid writing about those who completed the journey without a guide. However, this to was only achievable due to the influence of guides, those one is not aware of. (Islaah A`amal Pg: 236)

I will detail this aspect later someday.




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The Awliya of Allah

salamu` alaykum

My eyes gaze upon them in splendid awe,

How rarely does one witness such a site,

Seeing their nur brings to light all of my flaws,

And annihilates the selfs might. (Ibn Ahmad)


(courtesy of Al Kashif)













Shuyukh of the Shadhili Darqawi Order:

Starting from left to right grouped in bunches:

1. Shaykh Ahmad `Alawi 2. al-Arif al-Shaikh Abdul Rahman al-Shaghuri 3. Shaikh Abdul Qardir Hayani (Halab) 4. al-Arif al-Shaikh Abdul QadirIsa’
5. Shaikh Ahmad al-Murad 6. Shaikh Ahmad Karasi (Halab) 7. Shaikh Bakri Hayani

1. Shaikh Bakri Hayani (again) 2. Shaikh Ahmad al-Habbal 3. Shaikh Fadil al-Kurkur 4. al-Shaikh Muhammad al-Hashimi 5. Shaikh Hazim Nayif Abu Ghazalah 6. Shaikh Muhammad al-Murad 7. Shaikh Muhammad Ali al-Murad

1. al-Shaikh al-Kurdi 2. Shaikh Nur ad-Din Azizi 3. Shaikh Sa’id Burhani
4. Shaikh Sajid Abdul Qadir (Baghdad) 5. Shaikh Salih al-Furfur 6. Shaikh Ali Abdul Rahman 7. Shaikh Abul Hasan al-Tarabulusi

1. Shaikh Sidi Azreqi 2. Shaikh Sidi Hajj Quwdir 3. Shaikh Muhammad al-Hashimi 4. Shaikh Muhammad al-Madani 5. Shaikh Muhammad Bel Hajj
6. Shaikh Sidi Muhammad Sharif

1. al-Arif Shaikh Ahmad al-Alawi 2. al-Arif Shaikh Ahmad al-Alawi 3. Shaikh Shamil al-Murad 4. Shaikh Hilal al-Yemani 5. Shaikh Sidi Sharif Oul Hasan
6. Shaikh Muhammad al-Ya’qubi 7. Shaikh Ahmad Jami


al `abd al faqir Salman Al Husayni


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She came at dawn – that heart-taker of fevered lovers.

She said, “Oh heavy load on my thoughts!

Shame on you! I look in your direction,

but you’ve turned your eyes toward others!”

We’ve run in love’s path all our life,

we’ve tried hard for union all our life.

A glimpse of Your image is better for the gaze

than the beauty of all beauties all our life.

– Jami` in his Lawa’ih

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Engulfed In Sadness


It has engulfed my soul,

I lay here withering,

Seeking to be consoled,

I have diverged from the path,

No longer do I have sight of the goal,

Aimlessly I walk around,

A seemingly never ending stroll.


Rumi said sadness is a bad dream,

To me it seems very real,

If only I could contemplate on his words and wisdom,

Feel the spiritual presence he feels,

Yet, I lack the yearning of my Beloved,

Without Him I cannot heal,

I shall try to bury my existence within the depth of the earth,

Hoping one day I will again become ecstatic in His zeal…


Ibn Ata said that fruits do not ripen,

Unless they are first buried within dirt,

So also does the soul not actualize,

Unless it is buried and given rebirth.

– Ibn Ahmad

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up
is a sure sign that you put your faith in deeds.

– Ibn Ata’illah fil Hikam


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Yearning For My Beloved

Where are you my beloved?

I seek you all day and night,

Allow me to gaze upon your splendor,

So my passion for you will further ignite,

Do not leave me in this dark prison,

All alone with nothing but these tears,

My heart and soul will soon perish,

And into insanity I shall veer,

I am drunk on your wine,

Back and forth I sway,

Oblivious to the world,

In simple disarray,

How long shall the majnun be deprived,

His layla is surely aware,

She is the cause of his existence,

The very reason he breaths this air,

Maulana echoes my feelings,

Of how in your light I learnt how to love,

In your beauty, how to make poems,

But no one will understand this feeling,

Except he who sees through my eyes.

(Ibn Ahmad)


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The Noise Of The Lover

The noise of the lover is only up to
the time when he has not seen his Beloved.
Once he sees the Beloved, he becomes calm and quiet,
just as the rivers are boisterous before they join the ocean,
but when they do so, there are becalmed forever.

Shaykh al Awliya Moinuddin al Chishti

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