Tasawwuf in Islam

Table of Contents


The Goal of this Article

The Definition of Tasawwuf According to the Scholars

The Definition of a Sufi

Tasawwuf in the Primary Texts

  • In the Qur’an
  • In hadith
  • The statements of the Salaf

The Development of the Sciences:

  • The Formulation of the Schools of Law
  • The Formulation of the Schools of Theology
  • The Development of other Sciences
  • The Science of Tasawwuf & It’s Formulation
  • A Common Historical Theme

Is This All Innovation?

  • The Legal Definition of “Innovation”

Adherents to tasawwuf:

  • From The Hanafis
  • From The Shafi`is
  • From The Malikis
  • From The Hanbalis

The maslak of the Scholars of Deoband

Concluding Remarks

Biographical Notes



22 responses to “Tasawwuf in Islam

  1. Looking fwd to the proliferation of this section, insha Allah.

  2. Taha

    Ye !! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Karim

    Sidi Salman, why don’t you blog about your experiences with your shaykh?

  4. Salamu `Alaykum

    Sidi Karim, I would but I consider much of the personal time spent with my Shaykh as a private matter of suluk.


  5. Salamu Alaykum

    If I may ask, who is your Shaykh?

    Was Salam
    True Life

  6. Submit it after your done to the Minaret!

  7. salamu `alaykum

    Amir, it’ll be way too long for the minaret.


  8. Anon

    Who is you Shykh/Murshid brother Salman?

  9. Billu

    interesting article ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Billu

    lol i thought u could click it iwas about to read it… but u cant well it definitely looks interesting

  11. omg a Table of Contents!


  12. salamu `alaykum

    I’m still writing the article. It is a long task that I hope will benefit everyone. I dont want to rush in completing it.


  13. Abdullah Ibn Adam

    Take your time Sidi and write an awesome and interesting article.

  14. MilkShaykh


    I can’t wait for this article! Take your time and inshaAllah it will be very beneficial to us all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Z L

    Waiting patiently inshallah

  16. Erol

    Salamulaykum. My first comment. I’ll keep up with your site.

    Oh wise one.

    Salam Salman

  17. Semester is over. This better be up, inshaAllah!

  18. It’s a pity this article wasn’t finished…

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